NOTE: Some aspects of some higher tier topics may be added to class sessions where appropriate. However, in fairness to the majority of students, higher tier work is predominantly covered through supported self study and students should tackle the higher tier on this basis. The primary medium for study support will be the wiki, and will assume that students are using appropriate books and web resources.

Recommended books

These books are not essential, but are highly recommended. You will find them an invaluable source of extra help and practice material. Any good bookshop will get them for you, or you can click on them here to order direct from

If you are really keen, and plan to aim for grades A or A* , you should also add these...

And don't forget to get the ESSENTIAL equipment for your course!!!

If you are really keen, and want to try other books, the following are worth a look and should be available through your local library (although some Amazon links are provided, it's probably best to try the library first for these).
  1. Edexcel GCSE mathematics (modular). Higher tier [electronic resource]. 2006.
Course companion GCSE mathematics : higher tier : linear and modular : student book
  1. . 2006: Edexcel. 9781846901621 (pbk)
  2. Ling, J., Higher 1 : for AQA, Edexcel and OCR two-tier GCSE mathematics. The school mathematics project. 2006: Cambridge University Press. 9780521689915 (pbk.)
  3. Parsons, R. and T. Burne, GCSE mathematics : AQA linear. Workbook. Higher level. 2006, Kirkby-in-Furness: Coordination Group Publications Ltd. 9781841465548 (pbk.)
  4. Higher transition for AQA, Edexcel and OCR two-tier GCSE mathematics. 2006, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 232 p. 9780521689953 (pbk.)