ESSENTIAL Course Equipment

This is not optional; you must have it and bring it with you to every class. Without it, you cannot pass a GCSE maths course.

  • A scientific calculator
    Preferably a Casio fx model costing less than £10.
    If you are buying a new one, we recommend an fx83-ES, and can help you with using it ... but if you already have one it must have sin, cos and tan buttons.
  • A 30cm (12 inch) clear plastic ruler which does not fold in the middle
    Shorter ones won’t be big enough for all your tasks, an folding ones will not give straight enough lines – either way, you will be throwing away valuable marks.
  • A protractor.
    A 0-360 degree one (full circle) is best, if you are buying new, because it is easier to use and will save you both time and stress ... but a 0-180 degree one (half circle) will do.
  • A compass and a sharp pencil
    For drawing circles
  • Pens and pencils in different colours
    Including a black or blue ball point pen for writing with. Nothing else is acceptable in the exam – get used to using it now!
  • A pad of lined A4 paper
    (or quadrille, with ½cm squares, is even better than lined)
  • A pad of A4 graph paper
  • A separate ring binder just for maths
  • In addition, we strongly advise you to get the recommended books – making regular use of them will greatly improve your chances of obtaining the grade you want.

Remember: having the correct equipment doesn't mean that it's at home somewhere in a drawer, or that you will buy it when you need it: you must always have it with you at every class!